Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ever Heard a Dragon Burp?

Hello from Arizona!

***Heat Advisory Warning*** It's hot here. 110+ from here on out rumor has it; I already want to just die.

On a more positive note, the new family we are teaching is enjoying all that we are teaching to them!  We'll call them the Hobbit Family because a lot of people live in one little house; like a hobbit hole.  So the grandpa of the Hobbit Family was telling us that he had a massive heart attack earlier this year and that the doctors said it was so bad that 99% of people die when they have a similar strength heart attack.  He said he has asked God many times why he was saved and he is starting to believe he was saved so he could learn the gospel from us!  To make the story even more interesting, he had the heart attack on February 11th, the day I landed in Mesa.  My companion said I am not allowed to say I don't know why I was sent to Mesa anymore because it was clearly for this family.  I still don't believe that; they are so receptive that anyone could teach them I am sure, though they do like me.

We had our temple trip for the transfer on Tuesday.  It was nice and peaceful; just what I needed.

We taught a deaf man how to index. Not only is he deaf, he doesn't know sign language because he became deaf in adulthood and never learned, and he is old so he doesn't know computers real well.  It was easily the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life!  I would type out instructions in a Word doc for him to read and then Sister Dumas would pull up the indexing software and demonstrate what I typed.  It took about an hour and I'm still sure he doesn't really know what is going on, but we will go back for a refresher! He was able to do it by himself when we left, but he told us that his brain isn't sticky enough to remember things so we would have to come back and show him some more.  Though it was challenging, it was also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  The guy is really sweet and lonely; he lives alone.  He is funny though.  He talks out loud to us and we just type our answers to him; he is amazed at how fast I can type.

Sister D thought it would be funny to dump cold water on me in the shower on Friday night. In her haste to be un-Christlike, she jammed her finger on the bathroom door. #karma Serves her right! On top of that, I dodged all of the cold water and her prank was foiled.

We volunteer at a swanky assisted living home two hours every Wednesday and Saturday now.  The old women are so sassy I can never keep a straight face for very long.  We played BINGO with them on Saturday and the most put together of the elderly women was making the funniest comments!  The other women were all at varying levels of dementia so they weren't really sure what was going on.  Hazel is definitely the queen bee of that joint.

I gave a training on the line between being bold and not bold enough at our district meeting this week.

Here are some entertaining quotes from this week:

"Thanks for picking up the points of the lesson I forgot. I totally forgot we were going to cover temple marriage too. You remember everything; you have the memory of a nomad!"-SD

"A nomad? You literally only made that comparison because we just talked about the three Nephites being nomads this morning...what does having the memory of a nomad even mean?"-SP

"Well. Yeah. I don't know! It's just the first thing that came to my mind! YOU JUST HAVE A GOOD MEMORY."-SD

"What was that noise?"-SD

"I think it was someone dropping the dumpster lid outside."-SP
"Oh. I thought it was a dragon burping."-SD

"...yes, Sister Dumas. It was definitely a dragon burping. I think that is not only highly reasonable, but also extremely likely"-SP

"Well, I mean it was just the first thing that came to my mind when I heard that just made the most logical sense!"-SD

We stopped by to see Neville this week and he was telling us about his new found popularity.  Apparently there is this app called Mobly that is a social networking app and he and his friends somehow had a picture get a ton of likes on there so they are featured on the popular page.  He has 20,000 followers (probably more by now) and Twitter fan account and stuff now.  It is hilarious.  While we were there he had 4 girls try to Facetime him so we had him answer one of the calls and we were in on it; the girl was so confused.  I told Sister D that we are going to have teenage girls threatening to kill us now because they've seen us with Neville and they are all going to be jealous.  On Sunday Sister D and I wore patriotic attire and Neville's mom did too so she said we needed a picture together. I told her she should post it on Neville's Mobly account and she thought that would be hilarious.  She takes his phone away every night so she said she might consider doing it!
We took Harry to the VC this week to see the movie The Testaments and he loved it.  I had never seen the movie either and I loved it!  It is almost as bad as Twilight; it's so great I could watch it a million times.  It could also be that I've been deprived of entertainment for five months (I hit my five month mark yesterday!).  He took us to DQ afterward; it was a lovely treat.  We have a new ward missionary who went with us too.  She is an RM who has been home for a year and refuses to go to the singles ward.  She is hilarious.  We really enjoyed taking her to lessons with us and riding in her car.

Harry with the sisters at the Mesa visitors center
We are really looking forward to the 4th of July here! We bought some matching accessories for the holiday; I can't wait for you to see the pics!

Have a blessed week!

Sister Poppe

Selfie with Harry

Members sent us a pizza!

At the park