Monday, November 24, 2014

Don't Mess With Sista P and Spicy D!

First and foremost, I SURVIVED THE 5K. HOLLLLLA ATCHA CHAMPION RIGHT HERE. Bum, Bum Bum Bum, Bum Bum Bum, Bum. Bum. Bum (That was Eye of the Tiger) STRAIGHT UP ROCKY STATUS! More on the 5K later.
The sisters from our apartment in our Fit for the Kingdom 5K shirts
On to my week!

We are teaching an active member from Twin Knoll's who is kind of in a faith slump right now. She feels stagnant and wants help building her faith and progressing. It is so rewarding to work with her because she does everything we ask her to do, she is trying so hard, and she is making amazing progress. I always leave her home knowing that I have such a special calling right now to help all people come closer to Christ.

We had another story time this week and it went really well! We told the same stories as last time because we figured our audience would be different (and it was) and added a children's Mormon Message and another song. The kids were all pretty young, but the moms and toddlers enjoyed it! They said that we need to make it a regular thing and that they'll all invite someone. I'm so happy that it is working.  I charged Sister D2 with carrying on the program after I leave. We had 7 total kids come and I know that it will only grow from here!

We received a referral for Thunder Mountain and we were so excited! We showed up to talk to the guy and he seemed kind of confused and said, "don't we have an appointment for tomorrow at one?" We said sure and figured that whoever sent the referral had told him that we would be able to meet then or something. We weren't really too hung up on it.  We went by the next day and as we were walking up to the door the single's ward sisters pulled up. Basically we were both sent the referral because he lives in our family ward, but is single's ward age. They had contacted him and set up the appointment, that's why he was confused. We were so mad and sad. We really got our hopes up and they were dashed. Plus the other sisters were kind of rude about it.  We went to Smashburger to console our feelings. #girlswhoeattheirfeelings
We had our first training for the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights and we are so excited! My first shift is on December 1st, and from there we serve every other night through New Year’s Eve. Because transfers are December 3rd, I don't know which shift or which schedule I'm on yet.

As a warm up to the 5K, we participated in our stake's Fun Run on Saturday. I only did a mile; Sister D2 did two.

Harry quote of the week:

"I saw a lady with a veil and red dot right here (points to middle of forehead). She was a Lamanite. (Nods his head in self satisfaction)."-Harry

"Harry. That was a Hindu lady! Not a Lamanite."-Me

Hahahahahaha's had by all

"I'm glad I didn't tell her that her ancestors were wicked then...I was going to."-Harry

Sister D2 has started to become a little bit sassy. It's evidence to me that my training period is complete; she has become what she needed to become. Whenever we have correlation meetings in Thunder Mountain I always get more worked up than I should and my spicy side comes out.  Sister Dawson's spicy side FINALLY showed itself at our correlation meeting on Thursday and I was so pleased. I started calling her Spicy D and it has stuck. I think she enjoys it. She definitely likes it more than "the gazelle" which is what our TK ward mission leader now calls her. Hahahahaha. It makes me so happy.

We are experiencing a little drama with the missionaries in our stake currently. I know I'm supposed to write home uplifting things, but this is too good to pass up. We are the only missionaries in the stake that cover two buildings. Because of that we asked for a key to the family history center in the one building we didn't have one in. The other sisters asked for one too apparently and they were given our key and we were sharing it. It was working out well until one of their ward councils complained that we brought ants into the room and were using unauthorized websites. The ants were in the room before we had the key and we reported them, and the unauthorized website was BYU because one of the elders got permission from the mission president to work on a BYU application on P-Day for after his mission. Someone, please send that disobedient elder straight to where the sun don't shine. Unworthy swine, anyway. So the sisters took the key away and said that "until we gain their members' trust back no one was allowed to use the key". We thought that meant all of us, but we found out that their bishop didn't take the key, the sisters did and still have access to the room. We were already irate because it was our key to begin with and we didn't do anything to deserve it being taken away!  On top of that, the fact that they have the key enrages me even further. So we told our ward mission leader and he was furious as well and said he would take care of it. He confronted the sisters at church yesterday and demanded they give him the key or to put it back in the library where it was so we all had access to it again. They said they wouldn't because their bishop entrusted it to them. He said that buildings are a stake responsibility and that the stake didn't take it away, so their bishop doesn't have right to and further, we requested the key so it was never theirs to begin with. The high councilman who gave it to them only did because he knew sisters requested it, but didn't know which ones and he saw them before he saw us. The one sister still refused, so the WML took the issue to our bishopric and they said to take it to the stake and to get us a key because we need one and one other ward in the building doesn't have the right to bar our entrance. We are currently waiting on our WML to contact the appropriate stake representative and to get back to us. I will not let this die! Justice will be victorious. Don't mess with Sista P and Spicy D!

SATAN'S 5K OVER AND OUT: As you saw, I wrote a blogpost about Satan's 5K. The evening after I wrote it I received a text from Sister Jenkins that said, "Sister Poppy, I just read your post about training for Satan's 5K. :D :D :D! I had no idea how miserable this was making you feel. But I commend you for the turnaround and what you have learned!  I would call this a defining moment, wouldn't you? :)" I was so mortified that she actually read my blogpost! I figured that in the pile of 255 missionaries she would never see my post pop up on her newsfeed, let alone take the time to read it! I responded about it being a defining moment and reassured her that though this was her idea, I actually named the 5K after the one and only Satan and wasn't referring to her as Satan. That Friday at our Christmas lights training PKJ (AKA President Kirk Jenkins, AKA Prezzy J, AKA Prezzy K Jenks, AKA President) came up to me and said that Sister Jenkins made him read my blogpost and that he thought it was absolutely hilarious and written very well. He also apologized for filling the role of my middle school gym teacher. I was even more mortified that he had read it! During this conversation Sister Jenkins joined in to tell me that she also emailed a link to all of her children and told them to read it. She asked if I ran that morning and I told her I had. Somehow I think I've become the poster child for all the slow kids that have been stripped of their agency and forced to participate in this awful five kilometers of torture. The positive in all of this is that I know that my blog, though often unorthodox compared to other missionary blogs, is one hundred percent acceptable. A part of me always feared that PKJ would run across my blog and that I would get a phone call asking me to remove my less than ordinary blog from the web and to repent and think about what it means to be a respected female representative of Christ. Thank goodness Prezzy J appreciates humor and uniqueness!

At the 5K today I saw Prezzy J, of course, and he shook my hand and said, "I'm glad to see that no doctor’s appointments popped up to prevent you from being here!" This is never going to die! My goal was to run the first mile and then walk the rest. They said there would be mile markers, but I was starting to get tired and was convinced that someone forgot to put out the mile markers so I stopped running. Then, I looked up and saw the one mile sign and it was about 100 meters away. I was so annoyed at myself for stopping! I was so close to accomplishing my goal and I gave up too soon. It was okay though, I had caught up with my friend and we walked the next two miles and then ran the last 1/10 of a mile to the finish so that we could say we ran across the finish line. It was actually a really enjoyable event for the last 2 miles. Sister Moreton and I just talked and decided that we should probably be companions sometime before the end of our missions.

Sister Jenkins and I are practically besties now, so we took some celebratory
5K pics. NOTE: It was her idea to jump, not mine! That's a first!
I've met a lot of sisters that I love, but only a few that I LOVE and Sister Moreton is one that I LOVE. It took us 49 minutes to complete, which isn't terrible I guess. We could have probably pushed ourselves harder, but it was a pleasant morning and I thoroughly enjoyed spending some quality time with her. As we got close to the finish line Sister Jenkins ran out to meet me and said she wanted to run the last 100 or so feet with me.  She hugged me and congratulated me and then President Jenkins came up and shook my hand and did one of his terrifying combo side hug/shoulder shakes and said he was so proud of me for doing something hard. There were no medals though, so  I'm still a little upset about that. I am still going to run three mornings a week and am going to try to be at a point where I can run a 5K by the time I'm home. I have 36 weeks left, so I can just increase the distance I run by 1/8 of a mile a week and slowly work my way up to 3.1 miles! I did decide today that I would love to be one of those moms that just drops her kids off at school and then walks with her friend and chats for an hour. I could do a 5K every single day if I had someone entertaining to walk with like Sister Moreton.
Sister Moreton and I; 5K champions
You guys need to try Blue Bell's Christmas Cookie ice cream; it is so delicious. Also, read your scriptures! They're important too.

Happy Thanksgiving and Love you all!

Sister Poppe
Flamingos! We placed them in our first yard in Thunder Mountain. 
We had a stake fun run on Saturday. We went and ran as a warm up to our 5K.
I did a mile with Sister Dunn and Sisters Krueger and Dawson did 2 miles.
Spicy D and I
When I'm frustrated/angry/confused/or any other negative emotion, I just fall on the ground and exclaim something like, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND LIFE," or "UGGGGGGGHHHHHH WHY IS LIFE HARD," or my favorite, "FREAKING I DON'T EVEN KNOW. (followed by unintelligible noises of frustration)". Well, my legacy has continued with Sister D2. She fell over in frustration the other day and I loved it. Training=a success. #winning

Last P-day we got home after emailing and there was a fort in our living room!
We watched the Testaments in it and all fell asleep during the movie.
 It was actually a really great nap.