Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Social Butterfly of the Valley Homeless Community

I had my exchange with Sister Moreton this week. I brought her into my area. Nothing too eventful happened, but it was fun to be her companion for a day.

We did a ton of service this week and a lot of it was yard work for older people and it gave me an appreciation for landscapers. It was enjoyable though, I kind of like just ripping weeds out and such.  Though I'm sure 30 degrees from now I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I've never wanted to be a gardener, but I'm starting to like the idea of it more and more now after the hours I've spent in citrus trees and rose bushes this spring. I could grow and can my own food like a pioneer!  We also helped with Project Connect, a homeless services gathering thing. It's really cool. It's interesting to see homeless people interact with others. They have friends and everything! The one lady we helped is the social butterfly of the valley homeless community.  She had so many friends! If I were homeless, I would want to be like her.

We got into a slight fender bender this week. Someone backed into our parked car while we were checking our mail. I had to fill out a church incident report and everything even though the damage was almost nonexistent. Just a little paint scuffed off. We talked about our really bad accident all week though and it was kind of funny.

 Accident Report

We had interviews this week and they were great! Sister Jenkins brought a quote by Barbara Bush for me because she knows I love America and the Bush family. She is always bringing me quotes and stuff to interviews and I thought it was just her thing, but I found out I'm the only person she ever gives stuff too. I'm not sure if she thinks I'm unstable and need extra encouragement or if she just wants to be my friend. President talked with me about my future in church service all 8 minutes and the impressions he has for my future and it was kind of odd. We didn't talk about my district or my missionary work or goals. Both he and his wife said that they want to keep tabs on me the rest of my life which is kind of intimidating, because they're perfect and he will probably be a general authority or something. Too much pressure! I'll over think my Christmas cards every year because of them!

 My quote from Sister Jenkins. "I was going to print it off and make it cute, 
but our printer stopped working! So I had to resort to this...
but maybe after it's fixed I'll make you a cute little handout."
-Sister Jenkins

We watched Meet the Mormons with our grandma and granddaughter and a member family this week. We had pizza and a fun little movie night for spring break.  

We set a baptismal date for a nine year old in our ward this week (anyone 9 or over is considered a convert baptism...even if their parents are members. His parents are members and we started working with him this week). It is on the 4th of July! I probably won't be here then, but a date is set!

My roommates got into a pretty bad fight this week, so I separated them, took Sister Moreton to Sonic to get a drink, took her to do some service and had Sister Merrell go and just listen to Sister Casey so she felt loved. They did service with us and then we came home and I facilitated a 2 hour long companionship inventory with them after they took 45 minutes to write down their feelings. I feel 65% prepared to raise teenage daughters now. Hopefully I can make up the last 35% between now and the point in time in which I have teenage daughters.

We went to the Sunland Songsters concert this weekend and it was great! Our pseudo investigators, Brother and Sister Evida, invited us and bought us tickets to watch them perform. It's a 55+ choir that sang golden oldies. It was so cute! I'm not entirely certain it was mission appropriate, but it made them feel super loved. They were so excited to see us! I feel like Jesus was okay with our decision to go.  The members we went with also applauded us for being not stuck up and being open to out of the box activities that have a purpose and show love.


Sister Poppe

Scottish treats!

Sonic with healing powers 
("our eyes look like pools of 
liquid green desire"-Sister Moreton)

Sister Moreton forgot her tag in her bedroom and didn't 
want to walk in and get it because her companion as in there 
                            so we were both Sister Poppe for a few hours.