Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SOUP, It's What's for Dinner


After last week's run in with the unique kid hopped up on who knows what, I feel like this letter will be uneventful.  We had a pretty slow week.  We spent a lot of time trying to contact inactive members which is my least favorite activity.  It is just frustrating when people have known the truth and then they choose not to live it AND are rude to you when you try to contact them.  It is necessary though.  This week we have more appointments already so hopefully they don't cancel and we won't have to spend as much time being blatantly ignored by people.  We stopped at one inactive person's house and they flipped the outside light on and peeped through the blinds very sneakily.  No one answered the door so we rang the doorbell again (sometimes we are pushier than I would like to be, but I guess it's people's salvation we're talking about).  We heard a parent whisper, "Tell them we're not home, actually, and don’t get the door."  Another family never answered the door even though all their lights were on and the TV was going.  There isn't much we can do in those situations except report to the bishop so that he knows they very clearly are not interested.  

I didn't get transferred and I didn't get a new companion, but we did move to a different apartment that is closer to our areas.  Same area, same shadow, new digs.  We are the only sisters in the apartment and I miss having roommates, but I do like having my own bathroom and closet.  I miss living with Sister Adams.  She was the Oliver Cowdry to my Joseph Smith (well pre-apostate Oliver Cowdry.  We're talking about when they were young and best chums and translating together and having lunch dates and getting revelations and the priesthood and stuff) #likeningchurchhistorytoourselves.  We wept on each other's necks when I left...and by that I mean she jumped on me when I was sitting in my desk chair and we embraced and were sad.  But that doesn't have a biblical ring to it.  She also said my favorite quote of the week, "I have started to believe that you can be consecrated and still use inappropriate terminology."  I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.  Sometimes the only way you get through to people is if you use analogies and examples that are at their level.  And sometimes that involves comparing the Holy Ghost to a contact high (I never actually did that, but I did come up with a really good analogy that I wish I could have shared with our former substance abusers).  While we were discussing all of our great ideas (like making a movie called P-Day, a rap about the Restoration, and our interview with Ellen DeGeneres) I decided that we would be like Saturday Night Live, except we would be called Sunday Morning Pre-taped.  I think we have a promising future.

Guys, I have had 12,944 views on my 6 Things to Do Before Assuming Mormons are Crazy blog post.  THAT IS SO MANY PEOPLE.  I can't believe the number of people that shared it on Facebook.  Thank you.  It made me feel good to realize that while I can't pay people to listen to me in Mesa, I do have people that will read my blog. Unfortunately I will never top that though.  I've been out a transfer and I've already peaked.

Just pieces of advice, missionaries don’t want you to feed them soup when they come for dinner.  We had soup three times last week.  I don't want to sound ungrateful, but soup isn't a meal.  Okay, that sounded ungrateful.  I am grateful...but seriously.  SOUP?  IT'S 88 DEGREES OUTSIDE.  So just feed them steak and other cuts of meat.  That's what they want.

We have training for the pageant this Friday.  Unfortunately we aren't working every night.  We feel a little cheated because they're having sisters from Gilbert, Phoenix, and Tempe come to help.  Gilbert didn't want us for the temple open house, so I don't know why we're letting them come and work our pageant.  They're all going to be super fancy because they're in a rich mission.  They'll probably be cuter than us too.  WE JUST CAN'T WIN. 

Can you tell I've been a little crabby this week?  Because I have been.  I'm just frustrated about life.  I'm clearly supposed to be learning patience, but it's not being learned very quickly.  I'm tired of working so hard and seeing no results.  I feel like I'm not anything special so I don't know why I'm here.  Everyone always says that you're called to your mission for a specific purpose and I am starting to doubt that.  I haven't done anything amazing since I've been out, so why am I here?  My companion said she can see results, particularly with Hermione, which she attributes to me being here and teaching and connecting with her, but I don't know if I believe it.  I feel like I am being myself and doing what I would normally do and people are reacting to me the way they normally would.  I connect well with most people already, that isn't special, that's just me, so I doubt that I am doing anything extraordinary with Hermione.  I guess I'm being humbled too.  I don't know.  I'm just frustrated and don't know.  I DON'T KNOW.

On a more positive note, BIRTHDAY MONTH IS UPON US!  That is right.  I can't even wait.  

Here's the funny story of the week for ya.  Harry Potter has a dog named Hedwig (name changed to protect the innocent K-9).  Hedwig has so much puppy mama drama. He has impregnated two dogs in the last two weeks on his block!  Hedwig needs to be a little less friendly and think about how he is going to support all the little pups he's already fathered.  He clearly wasn't tuned in when we taught the law of chastity.

We had a really great combined 5th Sunday lesson in one of our wards about missionary work.  Our bishop in that ward is so supportive and bends over backwards to try and help us.  He gave the ward clear goals and told them they need to step it up because we are working really hard but won't have much success until they help us.  We are going around now and helping families create family mission plans and encouraging them to invite their neighbors and friends to family home evenings and the Easter Pageant.  The ward members love us, we just need to help them love missionary work as much as they adore us.  I think with this bishop though things will really start to pick up because he is so motivational and is a good example of a member missionary.

Love from AZ,

Sister Poppe

This is my motivational desk art.  My family reminds me to work hard when I don't want to because I imagine you guys are getting blessings for what I'm doing.  The shark is just scary and scares me into working hard.  The quote is one my companion and I share with each other when we feel ugly.  And Jesus.  Well he's Jesus.
Mom's note:  You can't see the quote on the post it note but it says, "You're value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."
Additional note:  Amanda's other much funnier blog is poppesplates.blogspot.com be sure to check it out!