Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walking on Rainbows While Fairy Dust Accompanies my Journeys

It was birthday week, everybody!

Here were the birthday week happenings:

Monday:  We had some sisters over to our apartment to hang out on P-day.  Sisters Adams, Remington, White, and Snyder came over.  Sister Snyder gave me a cute little notebook with a note in the front that said I am the best sister in the mission and that I deserve a great birthday week.  She was already my favorite, but she is even more my favorite now!  

Tuesday:  We had dinner at Smashburger with the YW president and her daughter from the Thunder Mountain ward.  She even bought us shakes.  It was one of many expeditions from the week that ultimately will lead to #birthdayweekdiabetes

Wednesday (my real birthday):  The elders greeted me at the gym with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the tune of the "La Cucaracha" song, complete with clapping.  They went on to sing it to me five times over the next three days.  We had a grill out with our district for lunch and that was fun as well.  I got a package from Michael that had some fun trinkets and some cards from our other friends.  A family in the ward made me a birthday cake that we had after our lesson with their daughter (she is one of the youth that we teach).  We had dinner with the RS president in Thunder Mountain, she made us burgers and bought Reese's ice cream (at this point about 50% of the members we are close with know that I have an obsession/border line addiction with Reese's Eggs). She also gave us a gift bag with fun toiletries.  We had a lesson with Harry Potter that night and played jeopardy with him.  All in all it was a wonderful day!

Thursday:  We had a RS activity that Sister Gillespie and I sang at.  A lot of women came up and told me Happy Birthday (they saw it on Facebook the day before).  It was very nice of them.

Friday:  We went to Chipotle with the Tony Hawke kids' mom.  I was so full later that day still that when my companion asked if I wanted some popcorn I told her, "No, I'm still full of one pound of Mexican diabetes."  She had a good laugh and now we classify our foods by what type of diabetes they are.  Mexican, white, Asian, etc.  I think white diabetes is probably the worst variety, but I haven't consulted the FDA yet.  Before lunch our member asked what my favorite restaurant was so that she could take us to lunch on Friday and I told her that my favorite restaurant, Rubio's, is just outside of the mission.  She said we should just go to Chipotle then and someday in the future she will run to Gilbert and pick up Rubio's for me and bring it back.  She really is the sweetest lady.  I would be her friend in real life.  She also said that if I ever need anything from Old Navy she will run over and pick it up for me too.  I love the members here and how great they are to us!

Saturday and Sunday:  Nothing too special happened in regards to my birthday.

Outside of birthday happenings, we had a great week too!

On Monday we had a family home evening with Neville Longbottom and his family.  We played gospel jeopardy and the step dad, Sirius Black was kicking butt.  His wife kept getting mad at him for doing so well and knowing everything because he won't be baptized.  At the end of the game Neville said, "So Sirius, where are you with the church right now anyway?"  It was hilarious.  Sirius got all quiet and kind of nervous and brushed off the question and said they would discuss it later. I hope it led to a good, productive conversation and that he is able to reflect on why he isn't a member yet!

On our way home from that FHE we ended up at the stop light with the elders.  They rolled down their window to tell us about the baptismal date they had just set and we were telling them about our good FHE.  The light turned green so the elders sped up to be next to us and were shouting at us from their car!  We continued our conversation with them for about another mile and it was hilarious! When we got back to our apartment complex we gave them some cookies (people gave us so much food this week for Easter and my birthday) and finished our conversation.  They're fun elders and they're pretty hard workers too.  I really like them.

Earlier in the night we had a lesson with the Tony Hawke family.  The boys fart and burp in front of us now because they like us so much and are comfortable with us.  It's a compliment wrapped in poor manners.  At one point in time the youngest boy was doing something that I couldn't see very well, though I saw him in the corner of my eye. I then heard his mom say, "Hey!  No more twerking!" I about died!  He was twerking in the kitchen.  The oldest boy prepared the FHE lesson and we had to list our favorite super hero with their strongest characteristics.  I picked George Washington. The boys thought it was really funny that I picked a historical figure instead of someone like Iron Man.  At this point they know me pretty well though and they said they weren't surprised.
            I saw this car that said, "Twerk it Miley".  I thought that was
            hilarious so figured this picture would fit in here since we just
                                       talked about twerking. 
I woke up Tuesday morning and was just kind of antsy so I scrubbed the kitchen with a toothbrush during companionship study.  I told my companion that I needed to scrub some things to get out some aggression so she could write down our lesson plans while I went to town with my best friends, Comet and a purple toothbrush I stole from the dentist in December.  

On Thursday we stalked one of our less active members (Harry Potter's fiancé actually) at her place of employment, Waffle House.  She has kind of been hiding from us lately so we stopped in and bought a waffle so she would have to talk to us.  I'm not above being creepy when people's salvation is on the line #stalkingforsalvation

Do you want to know what obese chihuahua's look like?  Corgi's.  When you tell their owners that though they get a little sad.  Oops...

We met a crazy man the other day who is a medium and communicates with spirits.  We talked to him for about half an hour and as we were leaving he said that my ancestors had things to tell me. Naturally, it was me, not my companion, because the crazies love me.  He told me the following things:

1.      My ancestors are really confused about me, but they want to
      warn me about a mistake I made a few weeks ago.

2.      There's a lover in my life that is lying to me (Jesus is about the
       closest thing I have to a relationship right now, so that is interesting).

      3.  There's an impending pregnancy in my future

      4.  A shy young man adores me and I need to start being active with
           other young men so this shy admirer will make himself known to
           me and invite me out for a coffee date.  He is 1-2 years younger
           than me, or he's known me for 1-2 years.  He was a little unsure 
           how the 1-2 was supposed to manifest itself.  Anyway, his name
           starts with a T.  So I give you the go ahead random admirer, you
           have my permission to reveal yourself.  Maybe it's my Twitter
           stalker from 2012?

       5.  Something about a Ford Galaxy and an Allis-Chalmers tractor.

I don't even know how I find these people.

We had a really productive meeting with the bishop in Thunder Mountain.  My companion's first companion always said that the missionary work in that ward wasn't moving forward because the bishop wasn't on board, so I said I wanted to meet with the bishop.  Finally after I had my passionate border line temper tantrum a few weeks ago (the one that ended with My Milkshake) we had a meeting with the bishop set up.  I left any references to milkshakes at the door and we had a great conversation with the bishop.  We talked about the broken machinery for missionary work in the ward and brainstormed a lot of wonderful ideas.  After the meeting my companion said she is a bad missionary because she has been here for 7.5 months and never tried to meet with him and I've only been here 3 and demanded a meeting that I got, that resulted in a standing meeting once a month with our bishop, an invitation to BYC, and a missionary fireside on the date that I decide in which we will discuss missionary work as a ward in a round table meeting of sorts.  I am so excited!  I told her she isn't a bad missionary she just trusted her trainer and believed the work was dead in this ward.  I told her that she needs to learn from this lesson that you shouldn't live beneath your privileges.  We are both missionaries called by the same prophet to profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  We are entitled to a supportive bishop, ward council, and good members that are willing to work for us and with us.  I said that I got a meeting with the bishop because I told our ward mission leader that I deserved one and that I deserved more support than I was receiving.  Further I pointed out that the Lord deserves better members, especially when the people in this ward are showered with economic blessings.  It made me feel good that this went so well.  I'm not your stereotypical good sister missionary.  I don't walk on rainbows and fairy dust never accompanies my journeys.  I will not uplift people with my sweet spirit or tender voice, but I will motivate people and I will get something done.  I don't doubt I was sent to this area because they needed a sister with a little fire inside of her instead of sugar.  Once I've straightened things out then they'll probably get a super nice sister missionary in here to start converting the masses, but I will be the sister to tighten the bolts and fix the broken machinery.  I've spent a lot of my life feeling guilty for being "bossy" when I don't need to.  I read a book before my mission that said if you were ever called bossy as a child it actually just means you're a natural born leader and you shouldn't feel bad about that.  So I'm not #sisterpoppeforworlddictator2015

I hope I get to stay in this area for a little bit longer so I can help it along.  I hope that I can actually help it too! I have a lot of big ideas and hopes and dreams for this area.  Hopefully hard work and faith will help it out!

That about does it for this week!

Sister Poppe

                                       Flowers on a cactus, how odd.

                                               My companion and I