Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Obama is Gay and Michelle is Actually a Man?


I forgot to tell you guys a funny Sue story!  Before she broke her hip we were there one day and I was playing the piano and looked over and saw Sue rummaging through my purse.  I saw her shaking my mints and I went over and took them from her and took my purse and put it up higher.  She started motioning at me and told the nurse to chase after me because I took her stuff!  It was hilarious! She was so worked up about it that she wouldn't let anyone talk to her.  She forgot about it pretty quickly though and we were friends again.

We had a ZTM this week and I was asked to give a training (again...I keep thinking they'll stop asking me because my presentations are always borderline inappropriate, but somehow I think that is the reason I am asked back again each month to train on some missionary topic).  I talked on what to do when there's nothing to do, and how to effectively online proselyte (because according to my zone leader I am the queen of online pros). I basically told the other missionaries that we have to be ourselves when we are online.  No one is going to join the church because we just put a scripture, quote, or nice message on our pages.  Our personalities have to shine through!  I shared a couple examples from my Facebook and told them how many likes I got.  This lead to a question and answer session where I gave advice (that was unplanned and also lead me to going over my time limit). It was so nice to see a few people from my zone post some really great stuff on Facebook after my training though.  I hope they continue to post uplifting thoughts with a little bit of themselves embedded in them.  The Lord didn't call robots to serve him, he called us, and I am going to continue to be Amanda Poppe the missionary.  Not Molly Mormon the sister with bad style and no personality who is good at smiling and quoting Nephi.  I also made a word find for them to do with ideas to kill time with in the afternoon when appointments are hard to come by.

Sky-River Zone after ZTM

The Women's Broadcast was really great!  Neill F. Marriott's talk really spoke to me; I can relate to her a lot.  I have a lot of pride as well that I am actively trying to remove from my life, but it is hard to be humble!  I am becoming better at it though and will continue to acknowledge The Lord's hand in my life and the talents that Heavenly Father has given me.  I enjoyed the whole conference because it was a little more hard core than normal.  There was less love and more accountability expected of the women of the church.  There are too many weak women in this religion and I am glad that they are finally starting to tell us what we need to do to be better.  I loved that they told us to go to the temple regularly.  Too many girls only go to the temple to get married and don't really understand the importance of what they are doing and then they still wear their immodest clothes and don't ever go back again after their wedding.  YOU GO GENERAL RELIEF SOCIETY BOARD.  TELL THOSE WOMEN TO KEEP THEIR COVENANTS! #bringdownthehammer

A member of the Twin Knolls Ward hosted a social after the Women's Broadcast on Saturday and Sister D2 and I made Oreo balls!  I made some with birthday cake Oreos and Sister D2 made some with mint Oreos.  People loved them. And us. But they always love us.
At one of our Visitor Center trainings, the sisters showed us a demo of a story they share with kids when they come in.  They said they did a test run of a story time and had a lot of success, but they don't want it to be too large so they're not advertising it. I was a little bitter that yet again, the VC sisters get to do fun things and I have to actually work so I decided that I was going to establish story time in our stake because it is far from the VC and because I want to tell kids cute Bible stories.  I brought it up to my ward mission leader and he loved the idea and he passed it along to Bishop as well and he approved and loved it too.  I talked to the other sisters in our stake and we are moving forward with a stake wide children's story hour hopefully to take place in the next few weeks!  The idea behind it is actually that stay at home mom's will invite their non-member mom friends to go and that we will be able to use this as a solid proselyting tool.

Updates on the investis:

Lavender Brown: We had a wonderful lesson with her last week.  She is really chatty so we always have a hard time getting a word in, so at the end of one of her long stories I asked if we could just take a few minutes to each bear testimony of our belief in Heavenly Father's love for us.  She agreed so my companion and I, as well as Nug Nug who we took with us to the lesson, all shared our feelings about Heavenly Father's love.  We all cried like a bunch of wimps and it was a powerful experience!  We asked Nug Nug's mom to offer Lavender a ride to the Women's Broadcast on Saturday and she did and Lavender came and really enjoyed it.  I know that we have a long way to go with her, as she is pretty non-commital, but we are really working hard to get her friends in the ward so that she will have an incentive to learn more.

Harry: He is doing well!  He told me that he has changed his prayers to include me not just staying another transfer, but for my entire 18 months mission. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if I never make it out of this area.

Hobbit Hole Family: The grandpa hasn't had alcohol in about a month!  He said that he knows that the blessing he had is the reason he doesn't have a desire to drink anymore.  We are still having a hard time meeting with them on a regular basis, but we had a good conversation with the grandpa and committed him to start reading the Book of Mormon again.  He said he has taken a step back from religion the last few weeks but feels that we are right and that it is time he starts to study again.  PROGRESS! While we were there, the grandpa shared with us all of his conspiracies and it was all I could do to hold back my laughter.  He is convinced that Obama is gay and that Michelle is actually a man and that there will be the first gay marriage at the white house soon that Obama is going to preside over.  He also believes that he is the anti-Christ.  I guess "In God We Trust" is being taken off of our money in accordance with Obama's orders as well (this one I'm actually sure could be true, someone will have to confirm or deny it for me).
Tony Hawk Boys: Those little bandits are still just lovin' life.  They're doing well and were all at church on Sunday for the first time in a long time.


Sister Poppe
Kool temple rock.

I have been in love with that lion ever since Jeff's wedding in
December and finally got a selfie with it!

 Temple Trip
       One of our ward missionaries surprised us with Sonic Drinks when she
             showed up for Harry's lesson on Thursday. I love these people.

 Only one person has been kind enough to mail them to me, but I
 know that she will be blessed for her sacrifice.

Our ghetto apartment has a leaky window; this was my solution as we don't have maintenance's number and I was not about to run to the office in the torrential downpour and ruin my hair.
          We had a lesson with a family in the Thunder Mountain Ward last night
                                                         and they have an 
                                                      INDOOR PET PIG!
                                                      INDOOR, PEOPLE. 
          They said he is more house broken than the dogs and more well behaved
           as well.  Sure enough while we were there he had to go to the bathroom
              and he went to the door and snorted!  I loved it. His name is Cletus.