Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Training for Satan's 5K

As the temperatures have started to decline I have come to learn that I am officially a pansy. The pansifacation process has been happening since my freshman year of college, but I believe it has finally concluded and I am a full blown disgrace to the Midwest. I wore a cardigan on Tuesday because it was only in the 80's, and I sleep and study in a sweatshirt because the 78 degree AC in our apartment is just a little too cold (meanwhile my companion sleeps with a sheet covering half her T-shirt and basketball short clad body). Despite the chill factor, I still refuse to wear pants to bed though so I guess I'm not as near to frost bite as I think I am. Seriously, something is wrong with me. Heaven help me during my first winter back in Minnesota. There will be no need for you to shout, "close the door, it is winter," anymore mom, because I will probably beat you to it.

Hermione's kids haven't been transitioning into family scripture study and FHE very well, so I asked if she wanted us to do an FHE lesson with her family last Monday evening. She basically said good luck and accepted our invitation. Her kids were pretty cold at first, but by the end of the hour they were all enjoying themselves and participating in gospel jeopardy. That night Hermione texted and said, "Thank you both for just being you!! You have helped us have fun as a family! Can we do this again on next Monday too?? And think of a different game to play? I will make something sweet for you both!! Yes I am bribing you both completely. Haha. :)" When I read that text I truly believed for the first time on my mission that I was sent to Mesa to help someone specific. I have become really close with Hermione's family and believe that my entire mission will be worthwhile if they make it to the temple. Hermione told me two weeks ago that whenever and wherever I get married she is making the trip for the big event. I told her she could hasten the process by just finding someone for me to marry. I just love her so much!

We didn't meet with the Tony Hawk fam the week before last because the boys were out of town, so I was excited to see them this week. When we got there the middle boy said, "Now the party has finally arrived," and the oldest boy said, "Poppe! I've missed you." It warmed my heart.  I forgot to tell you guys something awesome! The middle boy filmed an episode of Ridiculousness a few weeks ago with Rob Dyrdek that will air on MTV sometime. I think he also filmed an episode of Fantasy Factory while he was there. He said something about an episode airing in October and one in January he thought. You guys have to DVR the episodes so I can watch them when I'm home! Tony Hawk boy said that in one of the episodes Rob told him that when he retires the Tony Hawk boy gets to take over his shows. I asked if I get to be on them when that happens and Tony Hawk boy said that I can be his Channel Westcoast (with a less obnoxious laugh, clearly)!

Our ox was in the mire so we went to Target on Friday night and purchased a stupid $6.17 plunger. When sister missionaries are in Target on a Friday evening and they only buy a plunger, everyone knows what's up. It was super embarrassing, but I just owned it. I walked with my head held high and looked all the judgers in the face as I swiped my card at the checkout. Haters gonna hate. Judgers gonna judge. Poppe's gonna pop (those clogs out of the pipes). Our toilet has been having problems, so I think there was some buildup or something going on; it took above and beyond normal plunging efforts to fix it. #selfsufficient #preparingforlifelongloneliness

My biggest triumph of the week.

I miss Sister D. It was so easy to have fun with her and be myself. I hope she is enjoying Brazil.

Sue broke her hip and is in the hospital, so the assisted living home was operating at a less entertaining level this week. We still had a good time serving there though. The residents are just so appreciative of the company we provide.

Update on training for Satan's 5K: it is still awful. I try to be positive about it, but by about minute three I already hate everything in the entire world. Mainly I just hate how much of a hindrance I am. We run outside and someone always has to be the slow one with me so I'm not alone. I really despise feeling inadequate and I get to feel that way every morning for half an hour while I bring up the rear of the sister missionary herd. I'm always glad I ran by the end of my work out because it feels good to start my morning that way, but while I'm puttering down University I want to shoot lasers of hate out of my eyes that are strong enough to slice Hummers in half.

Elder Nelson came to speak to our mission with the Scottsdale Mission on Saturday.  We had approximately 500 missionaries in one stake center!  My roommates and I carpooled to the event and arrived two and a half hours early so we could get good seats in the chapel and not in the overflow.  We ended up in the third row!  I swear to you, Elder Nelson peered into my soul no less than three times.   He was accompanied by Elder Foster of the second quorum of the 70 and Elder Hansen and area 70 in the sixth quorum (who also lives in the stake I am serving in).  They gave such wonderful talks.  When Elder Nelson walked in the room was filled with the Spirit and there was no way I could deny that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ.  It was such an unforgettable experience.  We all got to shake his hand before the meeting officially started.  All three men spoke to us about missionary work.  They talked a lot about training a new missionary and how it is the most important calling in a mission and the one in which the most trust is involved.  It was a unique experience for me since I am actually training this transfer and the words he said applied to me.  He motivated me to be the best trainer I can be so that my mission legacy will be in the missionary I train and down through the ones she trains.  I also felt inspired during the meeting that I need to be better at using the scriptures in my teaching.  I have been told so many times that I am such a wonderful teacher that I rely on my own abilities and don't use the scriptures when I teach.  In every lesson we have had in the past few days I have used at least 2 scriptural passages and it has really enhanced my teaching ability.  Elder Nelson invoked a blessing upon us that we will be hard working, obedient, good member missionaries when we get home, safe, and many other things.  It was a powerful meeting.  Our mission president was asked to tell us one thing and he said, "We love you Arizona Mesa Missionaries.  We love you more than you love us." It was so sincere, I will never doubt that my mission president and his wife love me. It made for a wonderful end to our good week.


Sister Poppe

Because Nug Nug and J-Fizzle have been featured on my blog, MJ wanted to be as well.  She found me after sacrament meeting so we could get a pic for the blog. I love her whole family; they're a family that I will always remember fondly from my mission.
I take all of my training duties seriously; especially the ones that involve me introducing my trainee to AZ cuisine. Our first P-Day included a trip to Backyard Taco and Bahama Bucks. No one can accuse me of not teaching Sister D2 what is important!
I finally used part of my Cheesecake Factory gift card to take Sister D2 out for dessert to celebrate her one week anniversary of being in the mission field.