Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Costco Sized Amount of Faith

Busy week! I don't have a ton of time! Sorry! Also, sorry for all the !!!!! Who am I?

Sister Rasheed is crazy when it comes to New Year's Resolutions, or as she calls them, 2015 big goals. We spent a lot of time brainstorming what our big goals were going to be, while we drove to appointments and such. We then ceremoniously wrote them down on New Year's Eve.  Here are some of the highlights from this week's big goals conversations:

1. "Sister you make other 2015 big goal. You go home August and make goal to pray for husband in October. Marriage 2015 you BIG goal!"-R

"Sister. I'm a missionary most of 2015. I don't have enough time to find a husband after I'm a missionary and before 2015 ends."-P

"SISTER. You just pray."-R

As funny as it was, it was even cuter that she was sincere. She has the biggest testimony of prayer. She said she didn't have one until her mom helped her develop one. Her mom sounds like an amazing lady who has a Costco sized amount of faith.

2. Last P-day I bought a jump rope, scale, and resistance bands for my big goal to lose 5 pounds a month in 2015. I was jumping rope in the living room the day I bought it and Sister Rasheed looked at our roommate and said, "she practice for 2015 big goal."

We tried to contact some people on NYE but we weren't having much success. People were just partying, so we eventually gave up and spent the last hour and a half of our evening at a member's home. They invited us to their party. It was actually really good because there were a lot of members in our ward at the event so I talked with them and learned more about them.

On New Year's Day we had a mission wide activity. Each zone had 25 minutes to come up with a theme based on a bible story they were given. Some were really hilarious. We did Shadrack, Mishack, and Abednego (seriously I have no clue how to spell those names and don't care to look them up). I was Abednego and two other sisters were the other two. We were sassy and I rapped:

We ain't bowing down to no idols
We would rather take a knife to our vitals.
We only worship the one true God
Anything else is outright fraud!
To the Lord only, we will Pray
Queen French Fry, you be cray cray!

Sister Fry was Queen French Fry, so that is why that is there. It was pretty funny and a good modern retelling of the story.

We are on a finding kick in our area! We have to find 20 new investigators this month. To put that into perspective, we found 1 in December. I found a lady when I was on exchanges and she has three children. We are going back tomorrow and I pray that this whole family will be interested. She lost her husband this year so she really is open to something that can help her. Please pray for us to be able to meet our goal. Also, we had MLC this week and PKJ said that we have to be willing to work hard enough to pick up the slack if other missionaries don't find enough people. That was nerve wracking! But I have to be prepared to find 40 people if the sisters in my district don't find people. I have faith that they will, but it was the first time I truly felt like I had to make up for other people as their leader.

Meet the Mormons is in the VC now, so we took an investigator to see it on Wednesday. It was fun! Go see it if you haven't!

I also set up a TON of member lessons for this week so I can talk to members about member missionary work and how to help us find people to teach. We are also speaking in both of our wards' sacrament meetings this week.

I'm happy and healthy and ready for 2015!


Sister Poppe