Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Death Plague is Over!


We had a good week on the whole!

I was feeling better on Monday and then things took a nose dive again on Tuesday. Finally on Friday I went to the doctor. He said I had the flu the week before and that it turned into a sinus infection. He said I had a fever and he asked if I had all week. I don't know? What missionary has a thermometer? I told him I had felt warm all week but I wasn't sure. He said he thinks I've probably had a low grade fever on and off for a week. He gave me some good antibiotics and I am actually feeling good for real now!

The family with six kids was a bust. They ignored us when we went for our return appointment and the neighbors we took with said they have never actually been serious about investigating the church. They smoke pot and just want welfare benefits. So that was discouraging!

Cho Chang is doing really well though and we had a miracle with her nephew that lives with her! We stopped by to visit them on Sunday because they missed church and they are going out of town this week so we won't be able to see her. The nephew has always been silent and stand off-ish when we have been there. They were about to do this raw egg challenge though when I got there and they asked if I wanted to try eating a raw egg with them. Of course I didn't want to because that business is disgusting, but I had the immediate thought, "if I do this, this teenager will respect me." So I said, "Sure! We don't have the opportunity to eat weird things serving a state-side mission...this may be as weird as it ever gets for me." And then I tried to choke down a raw egg and actually ended up like gagging and spitting half of it out and looking like a hot mess. It was actually kind of funny. We were all laughing and then when it got silent he said that he has been reading parts of the Gospel Principles manual in his spare time. We talked about that and he said he is enjoying it a lot more than Of Mice and Men and that he likes it in general. I asked him if he would read a Book of Mormon and he said he would and the entire atmosphere changed. I think this is a kid that could really take a lot from the gospel and that a part of him wants to. I am really excited to work with them some more. Cho Chang said the live in babysitter they will have while she and her boyfriend (who we just found out is a boyfriend of 10 years, NOT a husband) are in St. Louis was investigating the church at one point and that we had her permission to come over and visit the boys while she was gone. I am really excited!

Find. Find. Find. was our motto this week. We did find 2 new investigators, but we have to find 13 more THIS WEEK if we are going to meet our January goals. I'm kind of nervous, but I also know we have done all we can do and if it doesn't pan out then it isn't in the Lord's timetable for us to find 20 investigators this month.

I did do a special fast yesterday that we would find 13 people this week. Sister Rasheed fasted with me as well, and we added in that her English will quickly improve.

Please pray to help our finding efforts! We need it.


Sister Poppe

Another 50 cent corn dog day was upon us and I received a FB message from Nug Nug saying that she needed to find me to get me a corn dog. I met her in our area right before it was time to return to our apartment that night. She left a Laurel class presidency meeting early and when she left every one said to tell me hello. She reassured me that everyone still loves me more than any other missionary and that they still hope I get transferred back. I don't think I will ever connect with an area as well as I did in that one. I really think that I was sent to this mission for that area and to help them and love them in a way that missionaries never had. I wasn't sent for nonmembers in that area which is typically the case. They will always be such special people to me.

We got a couch! And took selfies!
Cleaning and disinfecting our new couch. #blessings

Our apartment is tiny and this is a huge sectional. It only fit one way in 
our living room, so we have to jump over it to be able to sit on it.
Sister Rasheed LOVES this picture and I'm like, "sister, I look like Shrek and you look like Donkey." I then had to find a picture of Shrek and Donkey to show her. 

When life is discouraging and you are literally fighting like dragons to find people to teach the gospel to and no one is interested, you make brownies at 9:30 at night with Reese's in them and eat them out of the pan with a fork with your roomie friends.
Sometimes companionship study ends with a 3 minute companionship nap

"Sister, make a shark face!" And she obeyed immediately.
Our entire district lives in the same apartment, #1085. We refer to ourselves 
as District 1085. It feels like a 90's boy band and I love it.

"Make model faces"-me "SISTER RASHEED! THAT IS NOT 
A MODEL FACE"-Sister Moreton
Sister Rasheed wanted a crazy pic

Sister love