Monday, June 1, 2015

He Kissed Me with His Oreo Mouth


Wow! With these busy weeks it’s making it hard to email home because I have so much to write and so little time. I'll try my best!

There is a musical FHE once a month put on by a talented pianist in the fancy rich stake here in Mesa. His name is Clyde Bawden. We took our ward mission leader's neighbor to it and she loved it! At the end she said, "I feel so warm right here (in her chest) and peaceful! Do you feel that?" We told her that we did and that it was the Spirit testifying of the truth of the message she heard that night. Her neighbor is going to invite her to learn more.

At the assisted living home we visit one of our friends was expressing her sorrow with being old and lonely. She talked about her husband and how much she misses and loves him. We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she was so grateful and happy. She said it is a truly beautiful book. If we don't get her here, we'll get her on the other side.

When we returned our bikes Sister Smith biked into a bush. And it was sooooo funny.

We stopped by the TLC Family's home this week and had an amazing conversation with the husband on the porch. We taught him the Restoration outside and he wants us to come back and teach his entire family when his wife gets back in town next week. THIS IS A MIRACLE IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT.

We met a less active this week who is so sweet. She didn't have a good experience at the temple the first time she went so she kind of fell off the radar. She opened up to us though and is going to allow us to keep visiting. We will help her and her cute little family! The son is adorable. He called me mom and kissed me with his Oreo mouth. I wanted to hold him so badly. OBEDIENCE. Ah. He sat next to me as we talked with his mom and played with my Batman and Hex-bug Nano-bug thing (which is potentially the most useful mission gift I've ever received! So many children have been distracted by that thing).

Lost is still doing well. He is getting more open with us as well. We asked if he had any questions at the end of our lesson on Friday and he said, "Sister Poppe, are you going back to BYU after your mission?" We meant questions about the Plan of Salvation, but it is cute that he is asking us human questions now. We went out with him and the priests who helped us teach and our ward mission leader for gelato after our lesson. It is made by a real Italian and is literally as good as the stuff I had in Europe. Oh man. I had some Nutella gelato and it made me want to just never eat anything again so that I could savor that sweet, creamy, delicacy for the rest of my life. This was the same day that we had the cheesecake feast...

So I received a phone call on Friday while we were weekly planning letting us know we had to come to the mission office because someone brought me something perishable. We went over and to our surprise there was the most welcome of rainbow bags on the package table in the mission office; a Cheesecake Factory take out sack. President Jenkins stopped us in the doorway and asked if that was the bribe we promised him if we stayed together. We were going to offer him a piece, but he left before we could. Which reminds me, we do owe him a piece, because Sister Smith and I are staying together for 6 more weeks! Miracles of all miracles. Anyway, back to the dessert. We ate it with our roommates while we took a weekly planning break and we all almost puked because we should have stopped eating but didn't. IT WAS SO GOOD. Cheesecake is literally my favorite dessert.

We had ZTM this week and were having a potluck afterward. Sister Smith and I were assigned a watermelon but we forgot to buy one on Pday. When we got to dinner on Tuesday night, the day before we needed the watermelon, the lady we had dinner with asked if we wanted to take home the left over watermelon. We had enough for our potluck and we didn't have to go to the store on a day that wasn't Pday! MIRACLES.

President Jenkins decided that too many trainers aren't training their new missionaries correctly, so he took a poll of mission leaders and asked who the best trainers have been in the mission. My name was one of the most prevalent I guess because I've been asked to participate with a few other missionaries (including Sister Smith) in a train the new trainers meeting this Wednesday. I'm specifically supposed to role play an effective 12 week training (that's what the new missionary training is called). I am humbled, honored, and excited!

Our 8 year old convert was baptized! It was a wonderful day. I'll send pictures next week, we didn't get any on our iPad so we're waiting for them to be emailed to us. The service was wonderful and his nonmember parents came and enjoyed it. A few days before his baptism we had a lesson with him and his 6 year old nephew said the funniest thing in the closing prayers, "Please bless that 8 year old will not flip out. Because he will be fine. Because he is only under the water and then out of it really fast. Like....a race car." This is the same kid who a few weeks ago asked us, "Is it true that people from State Farm can just appear in other places?" when his mom told him that you can ask the missionaries any questions and they have answers. President and Sister Jenkins came to our baptism and we asked President at the end when we would receive transfer news. He said, "Tomorrow night. You'll find out in about 24 hours.......that the two of you are staying together." He told us a day early! We were so caught off-guard that we didn't really react very excitedly.

Bambi is doing really well and is interested in family history. I am excited to work with her more on that.

Today at Target a sweet lady approached us and gave us each a $20 gift card. People are so nice to us sometimes. I'm excited to do nice things for missionaries when I am home! You should all do something nice for some missionaries!

Last night we were contacting former investigators and we stopped by a woman's home and had a great talk with her. She has read the Book of Mormon twice and believes fully in it. She said she will be baptized someday, just in her timing. The lady is old. Super old. I think it's time. We set up a return appointment for Friday and are looking forward to the miracles that will happen with her.


Sister Poppe
What a surprise! Cheesecake Factory cheesecake delivered to the mission 
office for us. We were all thoroughly excited. In the words of Sister Mitchell, 
"I'm glad I made the decision to come down to Earth." Yes. It was that 
good.  Also, a great weekly planning break.

Post Crossfit/Sister Brady's Bday!

Sister Smith's baby hairs remind me of Dwight Shrute. 
They're called her Dwight Shrute hairs now. 
They make my heart happy.