Friday, June 5, 2015



The weather here has been CRAZY BEAUTIFUL. I kid you not, I think it is because of me. The Lord is blessing this poor Minnesota girl for her diligence and letting the weather be beautiful. He has also blessed me to acclimate really well. The whole month of May was just nice. It wasn't hot at all! This week it finally breached 100 degrees and it wasn't bad at all. I am kind of betraying my childhood and my roots because yesterday I even said, "Sister, 106 kind of actually feels nice. It's nice to be warm." WHO AM I?!? Thank you Heavenly Father for making my body think 106 isn't even that bad!

I was praying pretty hard this week for some answers to some questions and was just kind of getting tired (I had been praying for like 18 minutes) and so I just told Heavenly Father I had to go to bed, but that if he would bring a random scripture to my mind I would read it. Keep in mind that I can literally memorize EVERYTHING in this world except for scripture references. So if a scripture came to mind I knew it was going to be a miracle because I only have like 27 references memorized, and that is on a good day. As I stood up from my prayer, Alma 36:3 popped into my mind and it wasn't one of my memorized references. I looked it up and it was all about trusting in the Lord and relying on him. It was perfect and was a reminder that I just need to be patient in his timing. PRAYER WORKS.

We went to the nursing home to sing this week and for some reason we had the giggles uncontrollably. It was SO embarrassing but also SO funny. We would get a few notes in and just start laughing. Once we started we couldn't stop! I was laughing so hard I was crying. The elderly got a kick out of it and it seemed to really brighten their day. It probably feels good to see young people be complete fools. The workers were even dying. Then when we composed ourselves we started singing again (this was literally like our 4th attempt) and halfway through the song my spirit old lady (as dubbed by Sister Smith...because this lady is me in 70 years) started doing this crazy dance. So I started laughing again! Man, we were a hot mess.

Sister Smith had a bad head cold, so I went out with our roommate on Tuesday evening. Everything cancelled, which was the theme of our week, but we still had a good night (and week). We stopped by a LA house that we didn't know and had a great talk with him. He enjoyed our visit and told us that his wife is pregnant (who isn't a member). He said we can stop by after their vacation next week. We also talked to my friend from the care facility from my first area. She was home and it was a good talk with her. We followed up with her neighbors after that and they are going to try harder to get us together with her for dinner or something.

We met with a LA in FG this week and she just broke down with us. It was SUCH a good lesson. She is slowly starting the repentance process and is aware that it will be a long road.

A laurel in VP took us out for lunch and a random stranger ended up paying for us. She has a boy out on a mission, so she wanted to treat us. It was fun and good for her. She doesn't relate well to the girls in YW so because of that people get the impression that she doesn't always care (sounds kind of like me as a teen). She is totally solid and just wants to do her own thing.

We stopped by a kind couple's home the other day. The husband is slowly dying of cancer and because of that the wife doesn't get out much. He's a former 70's brother and they've served many missions. They just asked if we could come by occasionally to lift their spirits. We did and as we left the husband hugged us and sincerely thanked us for our service. After our week of cancellations it was so nice to hear. He went into detail about how our service changes lives and how even strangers are uplifted just by the appearance of us. He hugged us and we left a little teary-eyed and feeling so much love from him and our Heavenly Father.

I had a group of women in VP compliment my talk from last week and then they said the most valued compliment a sister missionary can ever hear, "Sister Poppe. We don't know how to say this...but you don't even sound like a missionary when you speak. You know? You don't have THAT voice. You are so normal!" I DON'T HAVE A SISTER VOICE PEOPLE. HALLELUJAH. THE LORD HEARS PRAYERS. I seriously prayed before my mission that I wouldn't fall into the trap of getting a sister voice while I was out! I worried that maybe I got one but it happened so gradually that I didn't notice and everyone was too kind to tell me that I sounded too sweet to be genuine.

I read a talk by Elder Holland addressed to women about loving ourselves. In it he quotes Halle Berry AND Teen People. This is why he is my General Authority spirit animal.

We taught Lost the law of chastity lesson this week. Boy was that an adventure. There were 4 YM in attendance and we were on exchanges, so my companion was a sister who has only been out about 4 months and had never taught that lesson before. It was all entertaining though.

This quote was in a talk I studied today and I really enjoyed it: “The gods sell us all good things at the price of our labor”-Socrates

My companion said, "swaggy dunk" the other day when she threw her Powerade into the garbage. I asked if that was a real thing or just something she says and she admitted that it was one of her white girl sayings. So now we say swaggy all the time. Swaggy ward council. Swaggy lunch. Swaggy bed time. Swaggy mango cart. Swaggy carwash. Everything is swaggy and everything is funny. We're to the point that we can't write down all the funny things we say in a day because it takes too much work. I hope there is a film strip of our time together waiting in the CK Lounge when I make it there.


Sister Poppe

My roommates all conspired and got me a Memorial Day gift 
because I love America so much. I got out of the shower and 
this thoughtful gesture greeted me.

I literally set all these rules for my last two transfers so I can lose the 
thousands of pounds I've gained out here before I get home. Seriously 
everyone is giving us more food than ever now. Satan is in the details 
of our lives, I tell ya! He is inspiring these members to give us food. 
I got back from my evening with Sister Brinkerhoff and as we walked 
in with two partial cakes, two small loaves of banana bread, pepsi, 
toilet paper, and bottled water Sister Smith groaned and asked why 
people loved us so much. But seriously! Only in Mesa!

Throwback picture to our baptism two weeks ago. 
Better late than never.


Man I love her. As we left Sister Brinkerhoff said, "Seriously, you 
two are sisters. You look alike, you act alike, you speak alike. You 
are the same person." Mama Nug Nug couldn't come out with us 
because she was getting her hair done, so she called and asked if 
she can take me out to lunch this Thursday because she missed it. 
I love their family so much!
Some members bought this mango cart for their kids to sell stuff at the park with. Their 10 and 11 year old sons have wanted one for years, so when they were in Mexico they bought it for them for 1/3 of the price they go for in the US. They accidentally took a video when I was driving the bike instead of a picture, so we just have Sister Smith behind the wheel. 

Target called and asked for their advertisement picture back. 
Seriously, why are we so cute?

"I'm George Washington forging the Delaware."-me