Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Howl at the Moon Wolvpanionship!


We had kind of an interesting week. We had SIX lessons on Tuesday and were crazy busy all day long and were exhausted by the time we got home at 9:15. That then led into a slower Wednesday and Thursday. We used a lot of our time those days to contact less active members and to talk to people. We had things scheduled both of those days, but things fell through or people stood us up.  On Friday we did our normal weekly planning for the upcoming week and then that evening we were crazy busy again, just like on Tuesday. We had a lesson with our ward mission leader's neighbor (I can't remember what I've called her previously, but she is the lady that is from Michigan who just wants to learn more about the church for historical and secular interest). It went well, but it was our last lesson. She is still having a stupor of thought about the trinity, but she isn't very open to learning by the Spirit. She is polite in lessons and absorbs information, but it doesn't touch her heart. She has good neighbors though and isn't afraid to ask questions, so I'm sure over time she will continue to learn more. After that we went out with a girl who is waiting to go on her mission. We had a few short doorstep lessons and then we had a miracle contact! We saw a few guys carrying in groceries so we offered to help. They didn't accept, but we kind of pressured them and then they let us serve them. We started talking to the younger guy and then the older guy joined in. Two people drove up at that point and talked with us. One was the dad, the other was the son, then the son's girlfriend and the son's friend who is living with them. The friend said he actually talked to elders a few days previously and they gave him a Book of Mormon. The dad started getting kind of defensive and said his pastor told him years ago to never let a Book of Mormon in his home. The friend then said, "Why? It's a book. They just ask us to read it. I read the introduction like I was asked to and it isn't a bad book." That opened up a discussion about reading and praying. The dad then said, "What do you believe about the apostles and Christ? I believe once Christ died and the apostles left, the church died." We were like, "WOW WE BELIEVE THAT TOO!" in our heads. Out loud we were like, "Oh yes. We actually believe that too." Then we taught a short 5 minute Restoration lesson. It was really cool! We invited them to church and they didn't come, but we will just go back and talk to them some more this week.

Sister Smith and I make up random little songs when we're driving around or walking through neighborhoods. They're usually quite catchy actually. After President Jenkins wrote us about locking our hearts a few weeks ago we wrote a song called Lock Your Heart. It's pretty good. Well, like all things in this mission, it spread like wildfire. One night our roommates were the only people who knew it and then within a few days word had already traveled to KJ. We saw him a few days later and he asked us about it. We were kind of embarrassed but he loved it. He said he should get that out to the whole mission. We kindly objected and left before he pressured us. A senior sister in the office did capture a video of us singing it though. We have an album though. It is called Soppe's Greatest/Only Hits. Here are the hits:

Vaha Koloamatangi
Lock Your Heart
Panting Bird
Bye Bye Sister Mitchell
Sharks on My Body (that was a hit I wrote before becoming her companion)
Sister Teddy
(I feel like I'm missing one or two more)

On Saturday we went to the endowment and sealing of Hermione and her husband. It was a tender moment for me. I haven't seen many baptisms on my mission, but at least those I have worked with are still progressing in the gospel. I was so proud of them. The sealer said EXACTLY what they needed to hear. It was so powerful and guided by the Spirit. Having worked with her and her family for 10 months I definitely know their struggles and he touched on all of them. It was a testimony building experience for me. She cried during the sealing which made me cry as well. It was a sweet day.

All the sisters that are still in the mission that taught Hermione 
during and after her baptism with their companions.

 All the sisters that taught Hermione with her after her sealing.


The reception that night was nice as well. It was great to see so many people I love from my first area. It was even more wonderful to see that they still love me. I'm excited to visit them when I'm not a missionary. I was even more honored that the Cheesecake Factory kids not only remembered me, but remembered me by name. They're young and I left those wards almost 7 months ago. I just love them all so much!

I entered the cultural hall to see two very excited Cheesecake Factory kids. 
This picture is horrible quality, but it demonstrates Noah's excitement. 
He wouldn't stop jumping up and down even for the picture. Their mom 
said that you would have thought I was a celebrity when she told the kids
that I was coming that night. She said they jumped up and down and fist 
bumped the air in the kitchen when they heard the news. I gave Noah the 
                             last of my mints (aka Shark Bites) to have forever.

Slightly better, but still bad quality. There I am posing with the 
SHARK SOCKS they gave me. They're my favorite people. 
When I got there the husband said, "So we're two weeks away 
from a hug now, right?" I told him I go home in 6 weeks, 
not 2, but when I'm back he can definitely have a hug.
Here is the sad part of my week though. We got transfer news and Sister Smith is leaving. We knew it was going to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier. It will be sad to see the death of Soppe. Except it won't ever die. We have a celestial friendship. I said that having her leave is like having a husband die that I am sealed to. Obviously she is my favorite, but I'm just getting married to someone else to pass the rest of my time here on Earth. I do love the sister that will be my new companion though. She was in my district when I was district leader. She was the sister who got her ears pierced on P-day! Her name is Sister Childs and she is a rock star. I knew that I would likely get another good companion because she will have to learn the area quickly and be ready to take over when I go home at the end of the transfer. It's weird to say that. Go home at the end of the transfer. I had a sister from my last area call this morning because she thought I was leaving today and she was panicked that she hadn't told me goodbye. It's weird.

Sister Mitchell goes home tomorrow and this was a legitimate conversation she and her companion had. It wasn't even a joke. How touching:

"Which family will you miss the most when you go home?"-Sister B
"Sister Poppe, Sister Smith, and Dahl Phynne. They're my favorite family."-Sister Mitchell

Also, Happy Birthday to America! I'm dressing in red, white, and blue every day this week to celebrate. Pictures to follow next week :)

Sister Poppe

Beautiful Sunset with Jesus clouds


 The work doesn't stop even when there is a dust storm warning and travel 
isn't advised. Because let's be honest, dust storms are not even that hard to 
drive in compared to blizzards. But we kind of looked like 
hot messes for an hour or so.

Howl at the moon wolvpanionship!

Sister Smith and I in our matching wolf shirts. She's the only 
companion that loved me enough to want to have the same 
wolf shirt as me.  Long live Soppe.

 So, fun story. The Cheesecake Factory mom was at Hermione's sealing
 on Saturday and she pulled me aside and asked if I was going to the
 reception that night for Hermione and her husband. She said that her kids 
had been asking her all day if Sister Poppe was going so she wanted to 
make sure they were there the same time I was, and then she said that she 
ARE ON MY FEET.  She saw them and her first thought was of me.