Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ordering Drinks that Aren't Water!


This will be a quick email today. I have a lot to do. Sorry! But also in 17.5 months I've never really skimped, so yeah....

We set a baptismal date with the 11 year old we are working with. Her parents openly said last week that they need to progress toward the temple so we will help them with that as well! August 1st will be her day, which is also the 16 year anniversary of my own baptism. The parents have really connected with us and so has the daughter. They love us and are so grateful that we came into their lives. The stars aligned so it's a right place, right time kind of thing. They're finally ready, we're sisters, they've been humbled lately and everything is working.

We had a good lesson with an older couple we are working with. I've talked about them before. We read the Book of Mormon with them regularly and we finally had a lesson with them that was a little more focused and real.

We had a lesson with the lady that we met at church and asked us to be baptized. We intended to teach her the first lesson and then turn her over to the elders. Instead we taught her the first three lessons in an hour and then turned her over. It was amazing! She knew so much and was like, "can we fit in another?" She is getting baptized in a few weeks. She was sad that she was getting elders instead, but it will all be great!

My allergies were crazy bad this week. Bad enough that it was border line illness. I had a slight fever and stayed in for a day. My eyes are so itchy and watery and I was worried people would think I was emotional. My worst fears were confirmed yesterday. We had a missionary fireside that I sang at and during the closing hymn my eye started watering uncontrollably. This lead to my mascara running into my eye and the pain that always accompanies that. So then my eyes were watering even more! Sure enough KJ looked over and saw what looked like me sobbing and he made this tender face. As if. Like I have emotions? Ugh. Whatever. Maybe he thinks I'm a little more sensitive now.

Sister Childs pointed out that a lot of revelation in the Book of Mormon happens in dreams. Because of this we've decided to be better at thinking about our dreams and treating them like they're important so that the Lord knows we take them seriously and that he can give us revelation during that time. I started a dream journal and it is mildly entertaining because I have the weirdest dreams.

A lady pulled us aside after sacrament meeting and gave us a $50 bill each. She was so funny and hush, hush. We aren't supposed to accept money but she made us. Sister Childs' 1 year in Mesa anniversary is the same day as my 18 month mark so we already wanted to celebrate with Outback Steakhouse. Now we have the funds to do so! We're taking our roommates with us and we are ordering drinks that aren't water! YOLO


Sister Poppe

My last temple trip as a missionary was last week. Crazy!
That bunny looks like a pile of my hair.
Happy one week anniversary to Sister Childs and I!
We teach a recent convert and his nonmember wife and
this is the buffalo he killed like 15 years ago.

Throwback pics! I forgot to send them weeks ago:
I was convinced this was a squid leg...
it was just a little corn thing.
5000000009 calories of sweets helps the Thai food go down.